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With our fantastic choice of items, the customers can give their product more personality and flair.
Who Are We?

Because appealing packaging enhances brand recognition and encourages consumers to purchase items, every company invests much in this crucial area. Jagdamba Sales Corporation, founded in 1980, provides a varied selection of stylish and durable goods for various commercial applications. We provide a comprehensive choice of Tin Containers, Tin Boxes, Tin Cans, Metals Items, Tinplate Coil, Tin Lid, Tin Sheets, Iron Sheets, Easy Open Lids, Rectangular Storage Tank, and other products based on our extensive expertise.

Our in-depth knowledge of the field allows us to create the best package designs and styles for the individual needs of our customers. We can produce amazing items because of our excellent technological setup. We are a group of creative designers and skilled workers who work together to create a wide selection of quality items that excel in durability and inventiveness. Every product is intended to fit modern lives and is manufactured according to defined standards and manufacturing procedures. Our growing and devoted customer base show our commitment to quality and prompt delivery.

Our Mission

Our constant effort to assure the greatest satisfaction of our valued clients in terms of quality and service has kept us moving forward for so many years.

Our Warehousing Facility 

We have a large warehouse facility and a large distribution/dealer network to fill orders for Tin Containers, Tin Cans, Tinplate Coil, Tin Sheets, Easy Open Lids, and other products quickly. Our capacity to meet large-scale demand under tight timeframes gives us an advantage over competitors in the same field.

Our Resources and Infrastructure

We deliver and handle consignments to our customers in the quickest period feasible. We also keep many of our items on hand to accommodate urgent market demand. Because tin goods quickly lose form during long-distance transit due to pressure or harsh handling, the packaging is crucial for our company. As a result, we put our items in full boxes to keep their form.

Why Are We Here?

  • The perfect combination of technology and qualified staff is required to make high-quality containers and cans.
  • The complete production process of Tin Boxes, Metals Products, Tin Lids, Iron Sheets, Rectangular Storage Tanks, and other products will be monitored by professionals.
  • Regular investments in technological development, research, and manufacturing to enhance knowledge.
  • Integrity, dependability, customer attention and innovation have earned the company goodwill in home and foreign markets.
  • Exceptionally low costs to fit any budget.
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